The Connection Between Emotional Wellbeing and Physical Health: Exploring Key Factors

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The Connection Between Emotional Wellbeing and Physical Health

Recently interviewed by Dr. Josh Axe on the Ancient Health Podcast, it became evident that the mental health of Americans has seen a decline over the past few years. One significant factor worth exploring is the relationship between emotional wellness and physical health.

The Impact of Cellular Energy on Mental and Emotional Health

Your body’s ability to produce cellular energy directly affects your mental and emotional well-being. A decrease in cellular energy production results in reduced overall energy, including for brain processing. As your brain regulates your mental state and emotional well-being, it’s crucial to understand the importance of optimal cellular energy production.

The Role of Seed Oils in Brain Function

Seed oils, which were virtually nonexistent before 1870 but now dominate daily fat consumption, play a detrimental role in brain function. These oils, high in linoleic acid (LA), can lead to oxidative stress and the formation of toxic byproducts that are damaging to health. Lowering your LA intake is essential to prevent unnecessary oxidative stress.

The Significance of Sunlight and Vitamin D

Spending time outdoors not only offers mental health benefits but is also crucial for optimizing vitamin D levels. Adequate exposure to sunlight is essential for maintaining healthy vitamin D levels, vital for various bodily functions. Testing your vitamin D levels regularly and considering supplementation if necessary is recommended.

Promoting Mitochondrial Energy Production with Near-IR

Near-infrared radiation from sunlight can enhance mitochondrial cellular energy production. This form of radiation activates specific components in your mitochondria, leading to efficient energy generation. Structured water created as a result of near-IR exposure stores energy like a battery, facilitating the production of mitochondrial energy.

Eating for Brain Health and Cognitive Function

Glycine, found in collagen, plays a critical role in brain health by impacting cognition, mood, and neurological function. Ensuring adequate glycine intake is essential for building healthy collagen and supporting brain function. Additionally, incorporating sources of choline, such as egg yolks, can enhance brain health and cognitive function.

Avoiding Toxins and Prioritizing Detoxification

Avoiding common toxins like glyphosate and pesticides is crucial for overall health. Simple strategies such as consuming collagen-rich foods and detoxifying through methods like sauna therapy can help reduce toxin exposure. Prioritizing organic options and safe detox practices can significantly benefit your health.

The Benefits of Exercise and Walking

Engaging in moderate physical activities like walking can offer substantial health benefits without excessive strain. Research suggests that moderate exercise is more effective than vigorous exercise in improving all-cause survival. Incorporating mobility-enhancing exercises and focusing on regular movement can significantly impact your overall well-being.

Enhancing Spiritual Connection Through Optimal Biology

Optimizing your biological health can help strengthen your connection to spirit and enhance your consciousness. By boosting mitochondrial energy production and prioritizing self-care practices, you can tap into inner wisdom and guidance. Connecting with your spiritual self and avoiding fear-based narratives can lead to profound personal growth.

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