Challenging Water Fluoridation: A Call to Action by Dr. Connett

By Dr. Mercola

What’s Driving the Irrational Water Fluoridation Mandates?

Dr. Paul Connett, a prominent figure in the movement against water fluoridation, sheds light on the lack of sense behind current fluoridation mandates. With mounting scientific evidence, the rationale for continuing this practice is called into question.

Why Water Fluoridation is “A Stupid Thing To Do”

Dr. Connett challenges the addition of fluoride to water supplies, citing concerns about control over dosage, individual consent, and potential health risks. The move to end water fluoridation is not just about protecting teeth but safeguarding overall well-being.

The Tide is Shifting in New Zealand

In New Zealand, the movement against water fluoridation is gaining momentum, with communities taking a stand against the practice. Recent decisions by local councils show growing awareness and activism among the population.

Good News from North America

Similar progress is seen across North America, with cities like London, Ontario, and Calgary making strides towards ending water fluoridation. Grassroots efforts are challenging established norms and pushing for change.

The Power of the People

The success in combating water fluoridation is attributed to individuals who have joined together to advocate for healthier practices. Dr. Connett emphasizes the importance of community engagement and unity in driving impactful change.

Join the Fight to Get Fluoride Out of Drinking Water

You can make a difference by getting involved in the movement to eliminate water fluoridation. Contact representatives in your area, connect with advocacy groups, and spread awareness through social media to amplify your impact.

Urge Your Local Water Department to Post Important Warning on Water Bill

Advocate for increased transparency regarding fluoride in water by urging local water departments to inform consumers about potential risks, especially for vulnerable populations like infants. Empower parents with knowledge to make informed choices.

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