Activator X: A Key to Optimal Health and Healing

Many people have dipped into Dr. Weston Price’s book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” without actually making it to Chapter 22, “A New Vitamin-Like Activator.” There, he summarizes his findings about “activator X,” a fat-soluble vitamin he discovered in butter (especially butter from cows eating rapidly growing green grass), fish eggs, and the organs and fats of animals.

In studies with humans and poultry, he found that giving cod liver oil alone was not as effective in promoting growth and recovery from bone loss or tooth decay as the combination of what he called “high-vitamin natural cod liver oil (a source of vitamins A and D)” and “high-vitamin butter oil (a source of vitamin A and activator X).”

Price made the butter oil by centrifuging slightly heated butter to separate it into an oil and hard portion, where the vitamins concentrated in the oil. Today, we know that activator X is vitamin K2 MK-4, the animal form of vitamin K2. In Chapter 22, Price described a Depression-era study involving schoolchildren of mill workers suffering from rampant tooth decay and many other health problems. Their diets usually consisted of processed foods high in sugar and unhealthy fats.

Price provided the children with nutrient-dense meals, including high-vitamin cod liver oil and high-vitamin butter oil. The results were striking – complete control of dental caries for the entire group, with improvements in overall health and performance at school.

In emergency situations, Price’s remedy of alternating drops of high-vitamin cod liver oil and high-vitamin butter oil under the tongue has been reported to bring people back from the brink of death. This simple remedy, as shared by Price’s nephew, has shown effectiveness in cases of severe health crises.

It’s crucial to remember the power of good nutrition in maintaining overall health and aiding recovery after trauma or stress. Adequate intake of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, and K2 can provide the body with essential nutrients needed to support healing processes.

While many turn to vitamin D supplements for health benefits, it’s important to note that excessive intake of isolated nutrients can have adverse effects. The Weston A. Price Foundation recommends obtaining vitamin D from food sources to prevent imbalances and potential toxicity.

In conclusion, prioritizing a nutrient-dense diet rich in vitamins and minerals is key to supporting overall health and well-being. Dr. Sally Fallon Morell, a renowned author on diet and health, emphasizes the importance of real, whole foods for optimal nourishment.

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